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    The International Center for Chemical Theory (ICCT) was established in October 2016. It is an interdisciplinary research entity that relies on the Hefei National Laboratory for Physical Sciences at the Microscale, University of Science and Technology of China. The members of the center include 1 professor of Innovative Talents Program, 2 distinguished young scholars, 1 recipient of training programme foundation for the Talents, 2 young innovative talents, 3 outstanding youths scholars, etc. In the past few years, the center has developed into a comprehensive and multi-functional scientific research cooperation platform. The center has done a lot of work in inviting domestic and foreign experts and scholars to visit, regularly holding frontier academic reports and academic seminars, training young researchers, etc., regularly holding frontier academic reports and academic seminars, and training young researchers. It has greatly promoted the cooperation and exchanges between domestic scientific researchers and overseas top experts and the development of the center itself. In January 2018, the National Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs and the Ministry of Education were approved for the Multi-scale Dynamics of Complex Chemical System discipline innovation and intelligence introduction base. The approval of this project will further strengthen the cooperation and exchanges with top foreign academic institutions and top scholars, and cultivate more outstanding young researchers and expanded the center's international influence in the field of theoretical chemistry.