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Academic report on March 29-Professor Jörn Manz
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Some effects of nuclear   spins on quantum dynamics in molecules with  several indistinguishable   nuclei


Professor Jörn Manz

Reporter’s   institution

Institut für Chemie und   Biochemie, Freie Universität Berlin

report time

March 29, 2019 (Friday)   15:00-16:00 PM

Report location

301 meeting room in computing building (233   floor)


Hefei National Laboratory for Physical   Sciences at the MicroscaleOverseas Expertise Introduction   Center for Discipline Innovation, School of Chemistry and Materials Science















Report introduction


    Indistinguishable   nuclei call for applications of the nuclear spin hypothesis and the proper   molecular symmetry (MS) groups. This has fascinating consequences for the   quantum dynamics. I shall present three examples, from the familiar   H2 molecule via a methyl group to boron rotors. Such molecular rotors   with identical nuclei do not allow classical molecular dynamics simulations   which start out from localized states in global potential minima, and the   nuclear spins block laser excitations of the rotations. The purpose of the   seminar is to stimulate reflections and possibly discoveries of quantum   dynamics effects of nuclear spins in your own systems of interest.


About the speaker:

    Professor   Jörn Manz received his Ph.D. from Technische Universität München in   1972 (advisor: Prof. G.L. Hofacker). He did his postdoctoral research at   Weizmann Institute Rehovoth with Prof. R. D. Levine (1974-1975) and at   Technische Universität München with Prof. D. J. Diestler (1975-1976). He   became Fiebiger-Professor for Theoretical Chemistry at Universität Würzburg   in 1985, and has been a Professor for Theoretical Chemistry at Freie Universität   Berlin since 1992. He served as the Director of Institute for Physical and   Theoretical Chemistry at Freie Universität Berlin in 1993-1999. He was also   the Referee-in-Chief of the German Research Foundation for Theoretical   Chemistry in 2000-2012. From 2013, Prof. Manz has been a Guest Professor at   Shanxi University, State Key Laboratory of Quantum Optics and Quantum Optics   Devices, in Taiyuan, China. He is the founder of the Series of International   Conferences on Femtosecond Chemistry.