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2018 Symposium on Computational Statistical Mechanics for Complex Systems Held by ICCT
发布时间:2018-12-11 来源:国际化学理论中心 浏览:97

From December 8-9th, the 2018 Symposium on Computational Statistical Mechanics for Complex Systems sponsored by the Hefei National Laboratory for Physical Sciences at the Microscale, the International Center for Chemical Theory, and School of Chemistry and Materials Science was held in the Science and Technology Exhibition Hall of the Physics and Chemistry Building. Invited by Professor Yijing Yan and Professor Weixue Li of the International Center for Chemistry Theory, a large number of young scholars participated in this seminar and gave wonderful academic reports.

Professor Yijing Yan and Professor Weixue Li warmly welcomed the arrival of these young scholars and introduced a series of recent progress in the field of computational statistical mechanics of complex systems.

In the seminar, Professor Qiang Cui (Boston University) introduced the latest progress of his research team on topics involving protein and nanoparticle membrane modeling mechanism. Professor Linfeng Zhang (Princeton University) introduced a series of deep learning-based Molecular modeling methods. Professor Zhonghan Hu (Jilin University) introduced the symmetry-preserving mean field (homogeneous, interface, dissolution, one-dimensional, etc.) of various situations. Professor Wei Han (the Shenzhen Research Institute of Peking University) introduced the complexity of peptide self-assembly process Conformational behavior, the correlation between peptide building blocks and the conformation of assembled nanostructures, and a useful tool for peptide-based self-assembly modeling, the hybrid-resolution model. Professor Yiqin Gao (Peking University) introduced the structural variations of chromatin in the process of development, differentiation and aging. Professor Guohui Li (the State Key Laboratory of Molecular Reaction Dynamics, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences), introduced the microscopic mechanism and the theoretical prediction of molecular recognition and chemical reactions in complex solution environments. Professor Yi Wang (Department of Physics, the Chinese University of Hong Kong) introduced the progress on the kinetics of acyltransferase substrate admissibility. Mr. Huanhuan Chen (PhD student of the School of Computer Science and Technology, USTC), introduced the basic theory of knowledge engineering with big data and its recent applications.


Professor Guanghong Wei (Fudan University), Professor Wenning Wang (Fudan University), Professor Jingyuan Li (Zhejiang University), Professor Jianlan Wu (Zhejiang University), Professor Xuemei Pu (Sichuan University), Professor Nanrong Zhao (Sichuan University), Professor Jin Yu (Beijing Computing Science Research Center), Professor Zhiyong Ren (Beijing Computing Science Research Center), Professor Lu Zhang (the Fujian Institute of the Structure of Matter, Chinese Academy of Sciences), Professor Tong Zhu (East China Normal University), Professor Siqin Cao (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), Professor Hao Dong (Nanjing University), Professor Longhua Zhong (Southern University of Science and Technology), Dr. Houdao Zhang (USTC), Dr. Guozhen Zhang (USTC) and Dr. Huijun Jiang (USTC) also gave great academic talks.





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